The mobile split rim alloy wheel refurbishment service that we offer, really can bring your split rim alloy wheels back to life. Regardless of how old, or badly kerbed they are, we can refurbish them for you and make them look new again.

Every split rim alloy wheel is different and there are lots of different ways in which we would undertake a split rim rebuild/refurbishment, depending on your budget and requirements.

We can offer a standard painting, powder coating, polishing and diamond cutting service during a split rim alloy wheel refurbishment. Giving you the option to add even more of a bespoke finish for your wheels.

We also offer custom split rim bolts incorporating anodised colours, chrome, gold, various colour-ways and shapes to really enhance the look of your finished alloy wheel. Why not go the whole hog and get the split rim alloy wheels that you’ve always wanted.

Craftsmanship & Quality Paints

Along with our professional spray booths and expert painters, the primer and paints we use when refurbishing your split rim alloy wheels, guarantee they look new and stay looking new for many miles.

Our split rim alloy wheel repair process is complex and precise, however you will find the outcome and finish will be as good as manufacturer standards, we don’t skip corners for a quick fix.

We are fully insured to work on your vehicle and our equipment is also calibrated every 6 months to make sure you not only get a perfect split rim refurbishment, but you’ll have the correct tyre pressures and the right alloy wheel nut torque settings.

The mobile bespoke alloy wheel refurbishment & repair workshop really does come to you, even though we don’t actually split the wheels on site we can remove them for you and take them back to our refurbishment workshop.

Once done we return and refit, hey presto stunning split rims.

Mobile Split Rim Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

All split rim wheels are different and there are lots of different ways in which we would undertake a split rim rebuild/refurbishment, depending on customer requirements. Below is a list of processes we would undertake during an average split rim, re-paint, refurbishment.

  • The wheels are removed from your car and left safe on axle stands
  • Each split rim alloy wheel bolt is carefully removed and the face is removed from the barrel of the alloy wheel before the repair takes place
  • The face is removed from the barrel of the alloy wheel before the repair takes place
  • We then repair any damage and get the alloy wheel flat and smooth
  • The wheel is then keyed up ready for the first coat of primer
  • We apply the primer and dry under infrared lights in preparation for sanding
  • The primer is then flatted down with wet and dry paper to make your alloy wheel smooth again
  • The paint or colour of your choice is then applied and dried under infrared lamp
  • The wheel's now ready for the final stage of having a high gloss 2pac lacquer finish to give it a showroom look
  • The split rim components/alloy wheels are then cured again under the infrared lamps
  • You now have a choice whether you want new specialised/custom split rim bolts or your original bolts cleaned and reinstalled, we offer a selection of colours shapes and styles to add a bit of extra customisation to your wheels
  • We re-connect the alloy wheel face and barrel with your chosen split rim bolts & a special metal glue to stop the bolts vibrating loose
  • Each individual split rim bolt is torqued up using up to date equipment and to the manufacturer specification
  • We then inflate your wheels to the correct pressures using up to date auto data charts
  • The wheels are then fitted back to your vehicle and torqued to manufacturers recommendation

Your alloy wheels are now looking like new again

All we need now is confirmation that you are happy with our split rim alloy wheel refurbishment and the process is complete, payment is then made by payment is then made by Visa, Cheque or PayPal and you are ready to drive away on a set of “good as new” show stopping split rim alloy wheels.

Along with your invoice, we offer a full guarantee on all alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments carried out by us.

If you would like your car wheels to be treated to an alloy wheel split rim refurbishment or repair, contact us or call 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809.