We offer expert mobile alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services throughout the city of London. We are the city’s finest wheel repair company. Find out more about the alloy wheel services we offer below.

Just Wheel Repair are the capitals favourite mobile wheel refurbishment company. For many of the super car and hyper car owners living in London, we are the only company they would trust with the alloy wheels on their priceless vehicles.

We have worked for many years to build up our city reputation, a loyal clientele and to do so we continuously strive to produce quality finishes, repairs and wheel refurbishments.

alloy wheel repair london

The city of London is a vast area and we cover all of it, we can guarantee that no matter what part of the capital you live in, we can offer you the very best repair and refurbishment service around. Thats a promise

We offer wheel refurbishment and repairs for prestigious London dealerships and to private individuals. To enjoy our services you don’t just have to own a supercar, our alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments are very affordable and will add value to a Ford Focus just as they do a Ferrari.

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Our Quality of work

Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service will take all of your scuffed or tarnished alloy wheels and bring them back to showroom condition. Leaving you with a saleable car and higher profits.

Alloy Wheel Repair

If you have dented, buckled or cracked your alloy wheels, fear not because help is at hand. No matter how bad it is, contact us before disposing of them and ordering new ones. We have professional equipment that allows us to weld, straighten, re-balance and above all safely repair them.

Diamond Cut Refurbishment

With our brand new state of the art Diamond cutting lathe, we professionally renew your diamond cut alloy wheels to a factory finish. Our state of the art machine & the fact we do all of the diamond cutting ourselves, means no third party involvement & a better trade price for you.

Bespoke Refurbishment

We offer a completely custom bespoke alloy wheel refurbishment service to help you sell your car. What ever it is you want to do with your alloy wheels, ensure a long lasting quality finish by choosing the experts at Just Wheel Repair to do it for you.

Polished Wheel Refurbishment

We refurbish old polished alloy wheels, taking them back to bare metal and re polishing to leave them with a mirror like showroom finish.

Powder Coating

We offer all sorts of powder coat colour options and our expert operatives ensure a glass/mirror like finish to every alloy wheel.

Split Rim Refurbishment

We take each part of the split rim apart, refurbish each component individually and in most cases replace bolts and seals. This is a very intricate procedure and requires expert knowledge for a safe quality finish.

Chemical Stripping

We offer just a plain acid stripping process, that completely removes any contaminant and paint build up from your alloy wheels. It leaves a nice clean fresh surface for you to continue the refurbishment yourself if required.

Lease Hire Return Repairs

Have a you got a car or van that’s been returned in less than acceptable condition? If so contact us, we can put any damage right, with our lease hire repair service.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Would you like to offer your customers 25% increased tyre life, 5% increase in fuel economy and no internal oxidation/corrosion of your alloy wheels? Then why not add Nitrogen tyre inflation to their tyres, these proven benefits make the choice a simple one really.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Have you just got a car without a locking nut key for the alloy wheels? Do you need to remove the wheels and obtain a new key as soon as possible, call us now we can help you.

New Tyres and Tyre Repairs

We can perform puncture repairs on tyres and if required supply replacement tyres for you. We offer great prices for all types of new tyres, we offer a supply, fit and balance service with all new tyre purchases.

We'll come to you

We will visit your chosen London location in our high tech mobile wheel repair refurbishment vans, no matter where you are and treat your car as if it’s our own, while it’s in our care. Your alloy wheels will be refurbished and repaired to last as well, there will be no paint flaking, runs or orange peel finishes with our work.