Lamborghini Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Colour Change

Westcliff On Sea, Essex, SS0

We refurbished these Lamborghini alloy wheels in our mobile alloy wheel repair workshop in westcliff on-sea Essex.

Lamborghini alloy wheels that have undergone a complete mobile refurbishment and are now a stunning black chrome
Lamborghini Wheels
Lamborghini alloy wheels with kerbing and in need of mobile refurbishment
Lamborghini Wheels
Lamborghini alloy wheels refurbished in black chrome on the car
Lamborghini Wheels

These particular alloy wheels were split-rims coloured in gloss black, they had kerb damage in a couple of places around the edge of the alloy wheel.

Repair Kerb Damage

We removed the split rim bolts from the face of the alloy, then repaired the kerb damage using our specialist alloy wheel sanding tools.

Refurbished & Primed

We then applied our high build primer to the alloy wheel to achieve a fresh canvas for the black chrome top coat.

Black Chrome Paint Stage

Once the black chrome paint has been applied in our mobile alloy wheel repair workshop the alloy wheels are left under the infra-red lamps ready for the next stage of the refurbishment process.

Alloy Wheels lacquered

The lacquer was then applied to all four alloy wheels, they were again put back under the heat of the infrared lamps until dry and they were looking like new again.

Split Rim bolts Refitted

The split rim bolts were then refitted and treated with a specialist thread lock for safety, preventing them from vibrating loose again whilst driving.

Each Bolt Torqued

We then torque each individual split-rim bolt to manufacturers specifications to ensure there was no damage to the alloys from over tightening.

Happy With The refurbishment

The alloy wheels were then inflatted and fitted back to the vehicle. The customer was extremely happy with our Essex mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service.

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In Short...

Lamborghini Gallardo

July 28, 2013

Our mobile wheel repair service visited the customers Essex home. We completed mobile alloy wheel refurbishment, kerb damage repair and achieved a stunning new black chrome finish.

Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, SS0

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