Porsche Macan Bespoke Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Repair

Enfield EN1

This Porsche Macan had a bespoke silver halo painted finish to the rim edge of the alloy wheels and one of them had been kerbed, damaging the silver paintwork.

A Porsche Macan alloy wheel kerb damage close up
Macan Alloys
Close up of a Porsche Macan alloy wheel masked up and kerb damage repaired
Macan Alloys
Close up of a Porsche Macan alloy wheel kerb damage refurbished
Macan Alloys
Close up of a Porsche Macan alloy wheel refurbished and tape removed
Macan Alloys
A Porsche Macan alloy wheel fully refurbished and refitted
Macan Alloys

It's quite a tricky job when a specialist paint finish like this is required, but our alloy wheel technicians are experienced and qualified to do it well.

Alloy Wheel Removed

The wheel was removed, the tyre was deflated, pulled back from the edge of the rim and then masked up.

Saved Time & Money

This particular alloy wheel refurbishment required just the kerbed edge to repaired and painted, so to save the customer time and money, we masked up the gloss black main dish on the rim and the white inner barrel to prevent possible overspray.

Kerbed Rim Repaired

All of the damaged edges of the alloy rim were fully sanded back until smooth and the repaired section of the alloy wheel was flattened to allow for primer.

Alloy Wheel Primed

The high build primer was applied to the edge of the alloy wheel and then cured under our long wave infra-red heat lamps until dry.

Hand Flat Rim Edge

The repair area was then hand flatted with very fine sand paper to remove any surface imperfections in the primer and made ready for the silver rim edge paint finish.

Alloy Wheel Top Coat Applied

The Silver top coat was then applied to the non masked areas of the alloy wheel and cured under the heat lamps, before flattening off when dry.

Protective lacquer

The lacquer was then applied to the fresh halo silver and cured under the heat lamps to leave a like new glossy edge on the alloy wheel.

Alloy Wheel Refurbished & Refitted

The masking tape was then removed from the alloy wheels and tyres, then re-inflated to manufactures specification and fitted back on to the Porsche Macan.

A Very Pleased Customer

The customer was very pleased with their Porsche Macan alloy wheel refurbishment, you would never of known one of the wheels had been damaged.

Mobile Repair & Refurbishment

We'd had visited this customer in our mobile alloy wheel repair workshop at their home in Enfield London EN1 and performed the repairs at their convenience.

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In Short...

Porsche Macan


An Enfield, London based customer required specialist refurbishment on one of their three tone Porsche alloy wheels. These wheels had a painted silver edge, gloss black dish and a white inner barrel.

Enfield, London, EN1

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