Trade Car Care Products

Are you tired of buying car polish and wax products, that just don't do what they say on the tin? Have you been looking for top quality, tried and tested products that the car trade professionals use? Well we've got them all here for you to purchase.

Trade car car products
More trade car car products

The Just Wheel Repair Professional Car Care Products

Many years of experience working within the industry, means that we can bring you the very best products all at unbeatable trade prices.

Faultless Products

Below are some absolutely faultless products, we know this because we've been using them for years on customers cars and each time they have produced excellent results. The customers keep coming back for more, so we really do know what we're talking about.

Contact us now via our email form or give us a call on 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809 to find out more and be sure to come back so to view our online complete car and alloy wheel care catalogue range.

Auto Glym Products From Just £6.99

Auto Glym have been the experts choice when it comes to car care products for many years. Car detailing experts and professionals swear by their products because of the high quality and durability of the finish. Here are our favourites, click on any product below for further details or to make a purchase.

High Definition Wax

Contains 150g High Definition Wax, 2 High Definition Applicators and a Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth.

Autoglym High Definition Wax

Perfect Polishing Cloth

Multi-purpose 100% cotton stockinet cloth that can be used to professionally apply and remove car care products.

The Autoglym Perfect Polishing Cloth

Hi-Tech Brush

Perfect for tough cleaning jobs, this wheel brush is suitable for use on wheels and even engine bay components

The Autoglym Hi-Tech Wheel & Engine Brush

Auto Glym Metal Polish

It's amazing how good this metal polish actually is, always delivering top results on chrome work and other unfinished metals, leaving a brilliant shine.

Autoglym Metal Polish

Cartec Products From Just £7.75

Cartec offer a fabulous choice of car car products, all of which are used by the trade because of their value for money and performance. Click on any product below for further details or to make a purchase.

Perfect Polish

Combination of waxes and polishes offering a high gloss finish. Designed for the fleet / car sales market. Easy to apply, easy to remove. PERFECT!

Cartec Perfect Polish

Cockpit Spray

Professional dash dressing, providing a consistent coverage with no stickyness! Great in vents too! Leaves an “as new” finish. Used by professional valetors.

The Cartec Cockpit Spray

Splash Shampoo

Ideal product for those of you that want the “just polished” look without spending hours actually applying polish to your car. Brilliant high sheen car cleaner

The Cartec Splash Shampoo

TP 49 Vinyl

This innovative product has been formulated to treat exterior plastic, rubber & tyres. Leaving a new look for even the most U.V damaged plastic.

 Cartec TP 49 Vinyl

Express Wax

A superb fast action New Car Wax Polish. Gives a deep gloss finish and without leaving annoying white marks on bumpers and trims.

Cartec Express Wax

Express PTFE Wax

Protect your paint work with this effortless wax, deep long lasting shine everytime, leaving no white residue on bumpers or trim.

The Cartec Express PTFE Wax

Glass Cleaner

Effortlessly removes smears and residue from your windows wih this high power glass cleaner, this shine lasts and lasts.

The Cartec Glass cleaner

Royal 80 Cleaner

Fantastic multipurpose cleaner, cleans even tough stains on most things inside and out of the car.

The Cartec Royal 80 Allesreiniger Cleaner

Lavender Freshener

This Cartec Air Freshener will leave your cars interior smelling as clean as a freshly picked branch of lavender.

The Cartec Air Freshener

Beach Freshener

This Cartec Air Freshener will remind you of the seaside. Would you like the fresh scent of the beach in your car?

The Cartec Air Freshener

Spring Freshener

This Cartec Air Freshener will leave you with the smell of spring inside your car, clean and fresh.

The Cartec Air Freshener

Cockpit Dash Fresh

Give your cars interior plastics, that new look and smell. Simply spray, rub on and enjoy sitting inside your car again.

The Cartec Cockpit Dash Fresh Spray

Engine Cleaner

An innovative treatment for engines and the surrounding engine bay which will leave your engine, hoses and pipes looking like new.

The Cartec Engine Cleaner

Leather Care

Clean leather interior, including seats and door panels. Leather Care will feed and clean leather, without staining, bleaching or cracking.

The Cartec Leather Cleaner

Professional cloths and brushes From Just £1.99

It's all very well having the best polishes, cleaning products and waxes etc, but without the best tools to apply and clean with you are not only wasting your time but in some caes risking the finish of your paint work.

Best Finish Guaranteed

Our cloths and brushes are made from highest grade materials and when used properly garauntee the best finish. Click on any picture below for full details or to make a purchase.

Large Microfiber Towel

Large general Purpose microfiber towel. This thick towel is ideal for drying off your car or wheels after washing leaving surfaces clean and smear free.

The large general Purpose microfibre towel


Alloy Wheel Brush

Bring your wheels back to life with one of these top quality flexible wheel Brushes. Perfect for cleaning the hard to reach areas.

The Professional Wheel Cleaning Brush


Quick Detailing Brush

As well as using for detailing alloy wheels these are great for cleaning around door shuts, body trim, badges, grilles, air vents etc.

The Soft Wheel & Detail Brush


The Powercham

Click to view Super synthetic perforated Chamois, ideal for fast cleaning to a brilliant shine. Perfect for use on all motor vehicles.

The Yellow Super synthetic perforated Powercham chamois


More Exciting Products

An exciting new line of products are being introduced every week, right here in the Just Wheel Repair shop. Don't miss out, bookmark our shop now and come back soon.

Gift Vouchers

Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers, a special surprise for that special someone in your life.

Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers and wheels being refurbished

Wheel Care Products

Trade alloy wheel products that enhance and protect your wheels, waxes, cleaners and much more.

Click here to find out more about the excellent wheel care products we have in stock

Alloy Gators

Just Wheel Repair are approved supplier and fitting specialists for Alloy Gators, there is no better protection for the edges of your alloy wheels. Click below to find out more.

alloy gators fitted to various alloy wheels and cars

Coming Soon

We are always adding new products to the shop and have got some exciting new split rim bolts being added to the store shortly. Click below for a sneak preview...

A selection of split rim alloy wheel bolts

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