Alloy Gator Rim Protection

Never damage your wheels again! At Just Wheel Repair we firmly believe that prevention is better than the cure and for the price of one basic alloy wheel refurbishment you can ensure you should never have to face the cost & disapointment of damaging your alloy wheels again.

So What Are Alloy Gators?

In a nutshell, these mean lasting protection for your alloy wheels and no more nasty kerb scrapes, they are a durable and extremely tough cover that fits in between the actual tyre bead and the edge of the rim itself.

Prevent Alloy Damage

They cover and protect the part of the wheel that is always the first place to impact a kerb face, thus preventing the damage occuring to wheel itself.

Available In 11 Great Colours

It's not just protection either, with these alloy gators being available in so many different colours it's a statement as well. You can choose a colour to bring out other colours in your car and make your wheels look really unique.

Match Your Colour Scheme

Things like coloured brake calipers, interiors or vinyl graphics and such like, can be matched using a similar shade of gator and therefore tying everything in neatly for an even better visual effect.

Sroll down the page for a look at all of the colours we have in stock and click on the colour you like for more information or to make a purchase.

Prices From Just £17.94

Which One Do You Like? Click on any of the colour gators below to view or to buy.

Silver Gator

Matching most silver finishes this makes it a less intrusive protector, if anything increasing the visible rim size.

The silver alloy wheel gator

Black Gator

The black alloy gator is popular for those of you that require an almost invisible protection on your wheels.

The black alloy wheel gator

Graphite Gator

The graphite colour alloy gator to bring out colours of a two tone wheel or match in with an exsisting scheme.

The silver alloy wheel gator

White Gator

Subtle white wall to your tyre edge or want to match your white wheels? These white gators are a stand out choice.

The white alloy wheel gator

Blue Gator

These blue alloy wheel gators, a real "notice my wheels" colour option for all those blue car owners, wow!

The blue alloy wheel gator

Red Gator

Red is a popular stand out colour, if you already have, or plan to have red brake calipers then red gators are a must.

The red alloy wheel gator

Yellow Gator

Perhaps you have a yellow car, yellow calipers and just want to enhance your colour scheme with a little more yellow?

The yellow alloy wheel gator

Green Gator

Very different, but that's good isn't it? If a bright green is your colour then this is the eye catching alloy gator option for you.

The green alloy wheel gator

Orange Gator

Bright orange alloy gators, stand out against the black of the tyres and a dark coulour rim. Fancy being a little different?

The orange alloy wheel gator

Purple Gator

Everybody likes to stand out and this purple colour alloy gator is the one that'd help your wheels do just that.

The purple alloy wheel gator

Pink Gator

This hot pink colour alloy gator will add a bit of girly character appeal to most cars, a must for the ladies.

The pink alloy wheel gator


Glow Gator

Make certain your alloy wheels stand out in the crowd after dark with these great luminous gators.

The glow alloy wheel gator


Bronze Gator

A very unusual eye catching colour for those that like a stylish finish, classy but not too flashy.

The bronze alloy wheel gator


Gold Gator

These gold coloured alloy gators are stunning, bringing an expensive looking finish to any alloy wheels.

The gold alloy wheel gator


No more Kerbing

Of course we can refurbish scuffed alloy wheels for you, so well in fact, that you'd never tell it was damaged in the first place, but why pay out to repair kerbing damage when you can ensure you won't need to?

It really is amazing, the sort of abuse these things can take and how easy it is to bring them back to a like new condition.

Wipe Away Scrapes

Wouldn't it be great if you had the alloy gator's protecion and you could just wipe the supplied scuff tool over the top of a grazed gator and take the damage away in seconds? Well thats exactly what you can do with alloy gators, just take a look at the videos below and you'll see what we mean.

alloy gators

To find out more about these fantastic new products, speak to our mobile alloy wheel repair technicians, contact us now via our email form or give us a call on 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809 and we will be happy to help.

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