The Just Wheel Repair & Refurbishment Shop

Welcome to the Just Wheel Repair and refurbishment Shop, with our experience we can safely say that we offer the best, tried and tested car products on the market, all at amazingly low prices. These products are the same ones that we use and now we're offering you a complete selection of them, for you to enjoy using at home.

Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers and wheels being refurbished
a selection of split rim alloy wheel bolts we'll have in stock shortly
Alloy Gators on alloy wheels
Picture of red car being wax polished, snow foam on black car and a silver car being washed
A picture of some of the alloy wheel care products we have in stock

We have essential car care cleaning, polishing, protection and waxing products, to help protect the paintwork/finish on your car and your newly refurbished alloy wheels. Visit our car care and alloy wheel care shop pages for more details.

If you'd like to know more about the new products not yet listed, feel free to give us a call on 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809, we'll be happy to help.

Car Care Products

We know it's not just about alloy wheels, of course a nice set of well looked after alloys does make a car look nice, but without shiney well protected bodywork it's a bit of a waste.

Car Shampoos & Cleaners

Do you want shampoos and cleaners that lift dirt, but are kind to your paintwork, you've found them.

Cars being shampooed, washed and cleaned

Car Waxes & Polishes

These waxes a polishes really get the job done, if you are looking for a mirror finish that lasts, look no further.

A car being wax polished

Car Care Products

Alloy Wheel Care Products:

Just Wheel Repair are alloy wheel specialists and we know exactly what your wheels need, we know what products work best. We've tried and tested every single one of them and as a result we have a selection of alloy wheel cleaning, polishes and protection products that really do work.

Alloy Wheel Cleaners

These cleaners are both hard on brake dust and kind to your alloy wheel finish. We've cleaning products suitable for all kinds of finish.

A picture of Just Wheel Repairs alloy wheel care products

Wheel Protection

Once your alloy wheels are clean you'll want them to stay looking like that for as long as possible. This is where the waxes and wheel protection products we offer, are essential must haves.

A picture of Just Wheel Repairs alloy wheel care products cleaning the rim of an alloy wheel

Alloy Wheel Care

Gift Vouchers:

It's a painful feeling when your car alloy wheels get tarnished or damaged, in your mind your pride and joy instantly looks older and a shadow of it's former self.

A Priceless Present

Well just imagine seeing someone you love opening a present from you, revealing a Just Wheel Repair gift voucher to pay for a professional alloy wheel refurbishment putting things right. Priceless moments.

A selection of Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers

Gift Vouchers

Alloy Wheel Protection Gators

Fed up of refurbishment costs? You will no doubt hit a kerb again, no matter how good or careful a driver you are, so like us you'll be excited to learn of this fantastic new product that we're officially authorised to supply and fit.

11 Different Colours

Once installed to your wheels, they will ensure you never have to live with unsightly kerb grazes and kerbing damage again. This amazing product not only protects your alloy wheels, but with 11 different colour combinations to choose from, it can enhance the individual colour scheme of your vehicle as well.

A picture of the brilliant wheel protecting alloy gators we are now supply

Alloy Gators

Coming Soon....

Split wheel rim bolts, designed to make your split rims personal, making a real statement of individuality and ensuring your car stands out in the crowd.

An investment, that not only turns head but brings a smile to your face everytime you look at your pride and joy. Come back soon and check out the unbeatable selection that we have for you.

A picture of the split rim alloy wheel bolts we'll soon be selling

Split Rim Bolts

Trade Contacts

We are always on the look out for top quality products, that make looking after our vehicles that litle bit easier. If you have an outstanding product, that you think is worthy of inclusion in the Just Wheel Repair shop, contact us now with a sample, details and prices.

Test it, Love it, Sell it

If we test it, it meets our very high standards and we love using it, we will include it in our shop section and offer it to our customers. contact us now via our contact us pages or give us a call on 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809 to find out more.