Other Alloy Wheel & Tyre Services

Just Wheel Repair don't just offer alloy wheel refurbishment and alloy wheel repairs.We offer a full range of alloy wheel and car care services to customers in Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

A new locking alloy wheel nut being fitted

If you've lost your alloy wheel locking nut and don't know how you are going to remove your wheel, we can help you. If you're planning on returning a hire or lease car but have damaged it, we can help you. If you've had a puncture and need your tyre fixed or a completely new one, we can help you. If you'd like to enjoy better fuel economy and increased tyre life... you guessed it, we can help you there too.

About Our Other Services

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Trade & Dealership Services

We offer incredible prices and contract deals for dealerships and trade. If you require a contract discount, that's more economical than an house solution, contact us now or click below for details.


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Lease or Hire Vehicles

Have you damaged a wheel on a lease or hire vehicle? If so don't return it and face the extortionate contractual penalties. Let us help repair the wheels, prepare the car for return and save you a lot of money.


Locking Wheel Nut Removal

New locking wheel nuts and a locking wheel key

Disaster strikes, the moment you realise you've lost the security locking nut to your alloy wheels. These small keys easilly get mislaid or lost and when they do, it's normally at a time you need to remove a wheel the most.

Stop, don't attempt to drill it out or risk damaging your wheel to remove it, we are registered holders of most manufacturer master sets, we can safely remove your wheel for you and supply you with a new locking key.

Lease Hire Return Preparation

a scuffed alloy wheel and a lease hire man with female customer

Have you got to return a car or van that you've hired and are you concerned about excesses incurred for any damage you may have caused to it? Don't pay extortionate hire penalties, contact us first to put any damage right, with our lease hire return service and potentially save yourself hundreds of pounds.

Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Nitrogen filled tyre being inflated and nitrogen valve caps

Would you like up to 25% increased tyre life, 5% increase in fuel economy and no internal oxidation/corrosion of your alloy wheels? Then why not add Nitrogen tyre inflation to your wheel refurbishment or repair, these proven benefits make the choice a simple one really.

New Tyres and Tyre Repairs

A row of new tyres with tyre logos

Our sister company Just Tyre Fitting can perform puncture repairs on your tyre and if required supply replacement tyres for you. We offer great prices for all types of new tyres, we offer a supply, fit and balance service with all new tyre purchases.

Gift Vouchers

Alloy wheel refurbishment or repair gift vouchers

Are you stuck for gift ideas? These Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers are a perfect unexpected surprise for any car loving person in your life. Redeemable against all of our services & car or wheel care products from our online store.

Our Videos

Why not take a look at the videos of our alloy wheel services & find out more about each service we offer. See the skill involved in each wheel refurbishment or repair that we undertake and satisfy yourself that we are "the experts".

Previous Work

An alloy wheel being repaired and refurbished by just wheel repair

We've documented a series of past alloy wheel repair & refurbishments that we've undertaken. Some great before, during and after pictures of the processes each wheel goes through, to bring it back to showroom condition.