Nitrogen Tyre Inflation Service

Just Wheel Repair now offer a Nitrogen Tyre inflation service for the tyres on your alloy wheels. This service promotes better road handling, up to 25% increase in tyre life, up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption and best of all no water vapour or oxygen means no corrosion of alloy wheels (No oxidation).

A tyre being inflated with nitrogen gas

If you've not already decided to change the air type in your tyres, read on to understand a little more about how nitrogen could benefit you, your car and your alloy wheels..

Even Formula 1 Cars Use Nitrogen Inflation

Formula 1 cars inflate their tyres using nitrogen because of the great benefits it offers them with both better handling and tyre performance.

A formula 1 car with nitrogen in the tyres

There's no need for a formula 1 money to take advantage of our nitrogen tyre inflation service, we've made it affordable for every driver, so it doesn't matter what your budget.

You will soon notice the difference when you switch from normal air and quickly reclaim more than it cost to inflate your tyres.

Nitrogen valve caps for nitrogen filled tyres

So what are you waiting for? Contact us, get booked in for our nitrogen inflation service and start saving money now.

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