Mobile Alloy Wheel Locking Nut Removal

You've mislaid your alloy wheel locking nut key, but you need to remove your wheel, perhaps you've got a flat tyre or need a tyre replaced and you've just realised what you've done. Our mobile alloy wheel locking nut removal service is what you need.

Just Wheel Repair offer a locking wheel nut removal service for Essex, London and Hertfordshire. Just give us a call and in most cases we could be removing your locking wheel nut within a matter of hours.

Don't Try To Remove Your Alloy Wheel Without A Key

Don't take a chance with a drill, welder or allow someone to attempt to remove the locking nut/bolt for you without a key. Most modern locking wheel nuts have been built to prevent removal in such a way and will shatter.

Burred and broken alloy wheel nut from attempted removal

There are many techniques used for removing these bolts, but 99% of them will involve damaging the locking nut, potentially wrecking your alloy wheel and the wheel nut seating.

Damaged alloy wheel and wheel nut seating from attempted removal

Give us a call and take advantage of our master locking nut sets, the chances are we will have them in stock and save you a lot of money.

We can also supply you with replacement locking wheel nut keys at a far better price than your dealership.

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