Water Transfer Hydro Graphics Finishing

So you like the idea of something completely original, a bespoke alloy wheel refurbishment finish, but you don't want paint, you want something to really turn heads. Have you thought about our Hydro graphics/Water transfer finishes?

A Black Alloy Wheel ready for Hydrodipping

Hydrographics otherwise known as water transfer printing, we transfer an image or pattern onto almost any 3D object via immersion, then apply a coat of clear lacquer to create a sheen and a hard protective finish. Just look at the wheel below to see just what an immense difference it makes.

A Black Alloy Wheel ready for Hydrodipping

The hydrographics process can be performed on many different types of materials including glass, plastic, metal, hard wood and pretty much any other material that can be submersed without damage.

Many Different Finishes & Patterns Are Available

We have many different types of water transfer finishes available for you to choose from, hundreds of patterns and many different colours. You really can be as unique as you like with this option.

Alloy wheels with different hydrographic water transfer finishes

We Don't Just Hydrodip Alloy Wheels

It doesn't just have to be alloy wheels, we can cover virtually every single part of your car, just as long as it fits in our hydro dipping water transfer tank.

Volkswagon badge in carbon fibre and other interior items

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