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Have you bent, buckled, cracked or damaged an alloy wheel on your car, perhaps you are thinking it's not repairable and it will need replacing. Well don't throw it away before speaking to us, Just Wheel Repair are experts in the business of alloy wheel repair, offering alloy wheel welding and straightening repair services to customers in Essex, London and Hertfordshire.

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A dented alloy wheel needing repair

We can come to you and remove/pick up your dented, cracked or buckled alloy wheel, and take it away for repair, or you can bring it to us at our Essex work shop.

Our Alloy Wheel Repair Services

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Trade & Dealership Services

We offer trade deals to those in the car trade, if you have alloy wheels that require repair and refurbishment, we are your number one choice. Contact us now.

Service Estimator

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To book or make further price inquires message us via our contact form or call 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809.

Lease or Hire Vehicles

Have you damaged a wheel on a lease or hire vehicle? If so don't return it and face the extortionate contractual penalties, let us help repair the wheels, prepare the car for return and save you a lot of money.

Mobile Alloy Wheel Welding

An Alloy wheel with a weld repair and a welder welding the rim

If you have a cracked alloy wheel, and fear the worst contact us for a free evaluation, before you decide to throw it away and replace it. The chances are we can repair your alloy wheel, we are masters at alloy wheel welding, producing safe and effective repairs everytime.

Alloy Wheel Straightening

A dented alloy wheel needing straightening

Have you hit a pot hole or something that's dented, mishaped or damaged your alloy wheel? If so your wheel will not run true, it will effect your balancing and the vehicle just won't feel the same, until the wheel is straightened and repaired.

We can help repair dented or bent alloy wheels and ensure it is perfectly balanced, so that your car will handle the way it should again, without the need for an expensive replacement.

Gift Vouchers

Alloy wheel refurbishment or repair gift vouchers

Are you stuck for gift ideas? These Just Wheel Repair gift vouchers are a perfect unexpected surprise for any car loving person in your life. Redeemable against all of our services & car or wheel care products from our online store.

Our Videos

Why not take a look at the videos of our alloy wheel services & find out more about each service we offer. See the skill involved in each wheel refurbishment or repair that we undertake and satisfy yourself that we are "the experts".

Previous Work

An alloy wheel being repaired and refurbished by just wheel repair

We've documented a series of past alloy wheel repair & refurbishments that we've undertaken. Some great before, during and after pictures of the processes each wheel goes through, to bring it back to showroom condition.