Mobile Alloy Wheel Welding Repair Service

Cracked and broken alloy wheels are thrown away on a daily basis, people don't realise that in the majority of cases they can be safetly repaired with a simple alloy wheel weld.

We have industry standard alloy wheel welding equipment and the certified skills to fix most cracks or breaks, safetly and professionally.

A cracked rim edge on an alloy wheel that requires welding

Cracks like the one you see above severely weaken your wheel, with this damage it would only take a minor pothole in the road to literally crack the wheel open like an egg shell.

Certified Alloy Wheel Welding Experts

Alloy welding is not easy and alloy wheels are no exception, they demand a high level of expertise and experience, to ensure the wheel performs the way it should do once repaired. For this and for obvious safety reasons, you should only allow a qualified alloy welder to repair your cracked or damaged alloy wheels.

Welding on a damaged alloy wheel during a wheel repair

We Can Even Fix Seemingly Unrepairable Wheels

You may have an alloy wheel that has more than a crack, maybe an edge has broken off and you've been considering replacing it with a new one. Well we may be able to repair it for you and make it look like new in the process, call us first and potentially save a lot of money.

A replacement alloy template panel is ready to be stitch welded into place during an alloy wheel repair

A template can be made up and used as a replacement piece to be stitch welded into place, without damaging the integrity of your alloy wheel. It's almost melted into the exsisting metal to form an invisible repair and effectively rebuild the edge, yes we really are that good.

Our Alloy Wheel Welding Repairs Are Good But...

Even we have to draw a line with the alloy wheel repairs we undertake, we will only agree to perform a welding repair on alloy wheels that we are 100% certain will be structually safe afterwards.

An alloy wheel that's totally beyond a welded repair with broken spokes and no outer rim

Obviously the alloy wheel in the picture above is clearly unrepairable. To find out if we can help repair your alloy wheel, contact us for a free no obligation wheel appraisal and estimate.

Wheel Repairs & Refurbishments

We don't just offer to repair your alloy wheel and then return it to you fixed, we can offer all different types of refurbishment options to bring it or all of your cars wheels back to life at the same time

Why not check out all of the different alloy wheel refurbishments that we can offer you and see if we have one that could tickle your fancy.

Perhaps you'd like a diamond cut option or a bespoke finish this time around. Click here to see all of the alloy wheel refurbishment finishes available to you and get an instant estimate for the work.

Is Your Wheel Losing Tyre Pressure?

It's important to check your wheels regularly, if you have a tyre on an alloy wheel that keeps losing pressure and going down, it may well be down to a crack or bend in the rim.

A picture of an alloy wheel with a flat tyre needing the crack welded

Check the inside and the outside of your alloy wheel thoroughly, looking for small cracks or bends in the rim and call us immediately if you find one, your life could depend on it.

Trade & Dealership Wheel Repairs

A picture of Just Wheel Repair's Alloy Wheel Refurbishment polishing van outside of a trade dealership customers premesis

We also offer excellent alloy wheel repair contract deals for dealerships and trade businesses. If you require a contract discount, that's more economical than an house solution, contact us now or click below for full details.

The Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Process

So what actually happens during the alloy wheel welding repair process?

Well It's quite simple really, you contact us via the email form and attach a picture of your alloy wheel, showing where the damage is, if not just describe where it is and we can go from there.

We will asses the wheel as best we can from your picture/description and have more of an idea...

A: If it is fixable.

B: Roughly how much it will cost to repair.

We will then repy and let you know If your alloy wheel is repairable and give you a completely no obligation estimate for the work.

You then decide if you wish to progress and have your alloy wheel repaired and refurbished or not.

We Come & Collect The Alloy Wheel

If you do wish to progress with the alloy wheel repair, simpy contact us and book a time for us to call by and collect your alloy wheel.

The alloy wheel is removed from your car and the spare wheel is put on in it's place, or it's left secured on an axle stand.

Weld Repair The Wheel

The alloy wheel is then taken back to the workshop for the weld repair process to start.

The tyre is removed from the wheel and the area to be welded and repaired is fully prepped. Once the welding is done the wheel is tested for structual intergrity and then the refurbishment starts.

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Starts

The refurbishment process depends on the alloy wheel refurbishment type you have chosen, either way the end result is a very pretty alloy wheel, that could well of just rolled off of a production line.

Wheel Return & Refit Time

We now contact you and let you know your alloy wheel is ready to be refitted to your car, we'll arrange a time and place convenient for you, then we come and refit it.

It's that simple really, there is no messing around with Just Wheel Repair. Just an exceptional service, a top quality alloy wheel repair and refurbishment.

Payment When Satisfied

The process is almost complete, once you're happy with the alloy wheel repair and refurbishment, the payment is taken by Visa, Cheque or PayPal and we're finished.

Quality Alloy Wheel Repairs Guaranteed

Along with your invoice, we offer a full guarantee on all alloy wheel repairs and polished refurbishments carried out by us. You can rest assured our work is of the upmost quality and we'll stand by our word!

Get An Instant Alloy Wheel Repair Estimate

If you would like us to repair and refurbish your alloy wheel/s, contact us by clicking here, or calling 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809.

Service Estimator

Select the service you require, for an instant estimate. For wheel polishing please message us with specific details via our contact form or call 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809.

Our Previous Work

An alloy wheel being repaired and refurbished by just wheel repair

We've documented a series of past alloy wheel repair & refurbishments that we've undertaken. Some great before, during and after pictures of the processes each wheel goes through, to bring it back to showroom condition.