Standard Painted Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service

Our standard painted mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service involves refurbishing, rejuvenating and painting scratched, kerbed or corroded alloy wheels. Bringing them back to showroom/factory finish standards and painted in the colour of your choice.

The same set of alloy wheels that you once thought were ready for the scrap yard, are transformed and professionally refurbished within a matter of hours. Don't believe us? Scroll down and see for yourself what we can do.

Latest Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Technology

A Picture of Just Wheel Repair's latest Alloy Wheel Repair Mobile Workshop

This is all achieved in one of our mobile wheel refurbishment workshops packed with the latest wheel refurbishment technology and a fully functional professional spray boothe. So you can now have your alloy wheels refurbished by professionals at home, work or anywhere that's most convenient for you.

Badly Kerbed Alloy Wheels?

Showing kerb damage all around the Audi TT alloy wheel
Before Refurbishment
A close up shot of the kerb damage on the Audi TT alloy wheel
Severe Kerb Damage
The Audi TT rim being sanded and flattened in preperation for a painted alloy wheel refurbishment
Our Mobile Workshop
Alloy wheel kerbing removed and refurbished close up on rim
Kerbing Repaired
An alloy wheel drying after spraying during a mobile refurbishment
Wheels Refurbished
The like new alloy wheels back on the Audi TT after refurbishment
Showroom Condition

No matter how badly Kerbed your alloy wheels are, we can help you with our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment service. The Audi TT alloy wheels above are a good example of the damage, contact with the kerb will do. It not only ruins the appearance of your wheel and your car, it also puts the alloy wheel at risk from corrosion.

Just look at them once we'd finished refubishing them, I think you'll agree they now catch the eye for the right reasons. Can we help you and your alloy wheels?

Alloy Wheels Refurbished In Just A Few hours

Four Alloy Wheels in a just wheel repair van after a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment

In many cases we can come to you in our mobile alloy wheel refurbishment workshops and refurbish all 4 wheels in just a few hours leaving you with factory fresh alloy wheels again. Click here for an instant mobile alloy wheel refurbishment estimate.

Or Bring Your Alloy Wheels To Us.

A Picture of Just Wheel Repair's Alloy Wheel Repair Essex Workshop

If you'd prefer to come to us for your alloy wheels refurbishment, simply contact us to book a time and date to drop them off at our essex based alloy wheel refurbishment workshop. We can refurbish them for you and as soon as your alloy wheels are finished we will contact you for collection.

Trade & Dealership Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service

A picture of Just Wheel Repair's Alloy Wheel Refurbishment van outside of a trade dealership customers premesis

We offer incredible prices and contract deals for dealership and trade alloy wheel refurbishment services. If you require a contract discount, that's more economical than an house solution, contact us now or click below for full details.

The Mobile Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Process

To find out more about how the whole alloy wheel refurbishment process works and how we go from damaged to repaired so quickly, read on.

We've detailed the steps we take below, so you know exactly what to expect from our Just Wheel Repair alloy wheel refurbishment expert technicians.

  • Your car is securely raised off of the ground
  • The damaged alloy wheels are removed from your car
  • We then remove pressure from the tyres
  • The tyre bead is broken around the rim of your alloy wheel & pushed back to expose the full edge of the alloy wheel for repair
  • The damage to the alloy wheel is then repaired using the latest in wheel repair technology
  • The alloy wheel is then covered in a thick coat of primer to prevent acid corrosion forming on the alloy itself
  • The alloy is then placed under infrared lighting to ensure the primer is evenly baked and hard on the alloy wheel
  • The primer is thoroughly ‘flatted’ (Sanded) and the alloy wheel/s are now ready for a smooth top coat
  • The alloy wheel is then bespoke painted or matched to the standard specification/finish
  • Alloy wheels are then heated again under the infrared lighting system to ensure top coat adhesion
  • The alloy wheels are then spayed with a thick coat of lacquer (Unless a matt finish is selected)
  • The infrared alloy wheel baking process continues until alloys are completely dry
  • Finally the tyres are re-inflated and the operator will refit the alloy wheels to your vehicle
  • The alloy wheel wheel nuts are all torqued up to the manufacturers recommended level

Your alloy wheels are now looking like new again

All we need now is confirmation that you are happy with the alloy wheel refurbishment and the process is complete, payment is then made by Visa, Cheque or PayPal and you are ready to drive away on a set of "good as new" alloy wheels.

Along with your invoice, we offer a full guarantee on all alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments carried out by us.

If you would like your car wheels to be treated to an alloy wheel refurbishment or repair, contact us, call 0333 207 9971 or 07515 399 809.

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Our Previous Work

An alloy wheel being repaired and refurbished by just wheel repair

We've documented a series of past alloy wheel repair & refurbishments that we've undertaken. Some great before, during and after pictures of the processes each wheel goes through, to bring it back to showroom condition.